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Search is only available for retailers and distributors!


Search can be done in several ways. The easiest way is to use the search routine to the left.


Search without prefix

If the search is done without prefix you have to include at least one of the searched words be included in the search result.

NECKLACE RED will give result including NECKLACE or RED


Search with exclamation marks (“”)

Search for exact wording.

“RED NECKLACE” will give results containing the exact words and order.


Search with plus (+)

The given words has to be in the search result, + equals “and”

NECKLACE+RED will return a search result including NECKLACE and RED.


Search with minus (-)

The given word will not be included in the search result, - equals “NOT”.

-NECKLACE will return a search result NOT including NECKLACE.


Search with capital letters or not

It doesn’t matter if capital letters are used or not in the search.

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